The Future Of: The COVID Curve

Friday, July 10, live, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

COVID-19 cases in Orange County are surging. Leading health experts, business leaders and public policy makers have been working vigilantly to innovate and create new tactical solutions in the fight against this global pandemic. Can we flatten the curve again? What can we do to keep local businesses alive? What can you do to help? OC Forum is proud to present this special, online event featuring a panel of trusted leaders from across all spectrums of our community to discuss their combined efforts to fight COVID-19 and save of our economy. Join our discussion and learn how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Watch Now:

Segment one: Healthcare professionals

Moderator: Lucy Dunn, CEO, Orang County Business Council

1.       Dr. Susan Huang, medical director of epidemiology and infection prevention, UCI Health

2.       Dr. John Hyatt , clinical director, KPC Health

3.       Dr. Adam Solomon, chief medical officer, MemorialCare

4.       Dr. Jasjit Singh , assistant director of infectious disease, CHOC

Segment two: Public policy

Moderator: Lucy Dunn

1.       Daniel M. Parker, assistant professor, UCI Program in Public Health

2.       Georgina Maldonado, executive director, CHIOC

3.       Chris Schwartz, director, Center for Investment and Wealth Management, UCI

4.      Mike Hill, director, Cal State Fullerton, SBDC


Segment three: Business

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